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Download a FREE copy of “Training Smarter for Treks” by Alex Shirley (as published in UltraFit Magazine, issue 124) and learn some simple strength exercises to help prepare you for your trek.

Download a FREE copy of “Trekking Training” by Alex Shirley (as published in Wild, issue 124) and learn some simple stretches and exercises that will help alleviate the back and shoulder pain experienced from carrying a heavy pack.

The Essential Guide to Training Smarter for Treks
We’ve created a complete online trekking fitness preparation program that you can put into action quickly, easily, and without having to turn your already busy life upside down. More importantly, it helps you get the results you want, in less time, with less effort! Find out more…

The Trek Fitness Program is an excellent way to prepare for a demanding, multi-day walk. The interval training, combined with strength and balance building exercises, were ideal preparation activities for our expedition, walking with a pack… (Peter Nolan, Mountain Climber)